• Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand pioneer the Google Loon project

    Christchurch and Canterbury pioneer the Google Loon project

    So what if we could provide Internet connectivity for everyone, yes, that’s everyone, on earth, with access to a web device. Well, that’s what Google have been experimenting with over the past few weeks here in New Zealand. Unveiled by Prime Minister John Key in Christchurch on the 15th of July, Google have launched helium […]


  • Our first year

    Can you believe it, we’re one year old today? It’s been such a short year, so much has happened, time has just flown buy. If you’re a regular visitor to […]

    Roundup of the Top 6 Advertising Agencies in New Zealand

    There are many Ad agencies doing some amazing work in and outside New Zealand, so creating a list of them all would just go on forever and provide nothing more […]

    YWCA Pay should be equal

    Pay should be equal, but in New Zealand, women earn 10% less. This minimal and visually metaphoric website design was created by Robbie Boyd, a website design and developer from […]

    Use of flat vintage style in website design

    Ok, here are just two examples of the use of ‘flat vintage’ styling in website design, two maybe an unconventional number for a ’round up’ article, three would be better […]

  • Pinokio – lamp, robot, friend?

    Pinokio the lamp, it’s your new toy or could it be your faithful buddy and pal? Well, that’s the tag line we’re going with on this one. In fact Pinokio […]

    Fictitious Corporate Brands for PlayStations Wipeout

    I don’t know about you but my experience of gaming has a heritage of classic PlayStation games, Wipeout being one of my favorites. Wipeout, developed by SCE Studio Liverpool, is […]

    Genuine kiwi charm

    Now, here’s a few beautifully textured pieces oozing with genuine kiwi charm. Heather Wilson employs acrylic, mixed media and resin effects on canvas to create her colourfully bold and tactile […]

    Flatmate’s Handbook

    Flatmate’s Handbook, created by Wellington Designer Lauren Earl has right of place in our themed “Book Design” week. The hard cover book uses a combination of hand drawn illustrations, mono […]

  • Exploring The Chaos – Micheline Robinson

    This series explores perceptions by trying to create new realities. In almost all of the paintings, this is done by playing with the key elements that create the illusion that […]